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If you visited this web site, you must have an interest in rding up to Alaska and/or to help deaf and blind babies.

If you are wanting to drive up to Alaska and have decided not to join us, can you please tell me why?  I am willing to add more features or options beginning in 2013 if this will help.

Perhaps we cover too many miles per day?  If so, we do this because most of us have full time jobs and the miles per day gives us the opportunity to go to Alaska and back during a vacation time.  Maybe if I retire, I will stretch this out to a whole month or more.

Perhaps you like to take it easy?  If so, you can leave at anytime you want and arrive at the night's destination at a time of your choosing knowing a bed is held for you.

Perhaps you want to really burn up the miles?  My first two years, I had quite a few 900 to 1,000 mile days but no one joined me!  By all means, once we arrive at our primary destination, split off and do your ride, ride, ride style!

Perhaps you think you need to be deaf or know sign language?  Most of the bikers are not deaf and they don't know sign langauge and this is not a problem at all!

Perhaps you don't want to get sponsors?  You don't have to ... just register and you're in -- and you automatically will have made a tax deductible $500 donation!.

Perhaps you are thinkiing about a future year ... that's great!  If I am like my dad, this annual trip will continue at least thru 2042.

Perhaps you think your bike isn't big enough ... Patrick Henry and Darryl Petrack proved it can be done on a 250cc machine (my first four trips was on a Silver Wing scooter!).

If you want a "turnkey" tour with meals, lodging, and everything (including motorcycles) included, there are quite a few websites for that but some ask for $10,000 or thereabouts.  This web site is to allow a loosely organized tour with plenty of flexibilty and a great way to cut your costs by more than 50%.

Please email me at DrASL@aol.com and let me know how I can change future trips to make you want to join us.