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   You know, Helen Keller said it is worse being deaf than blind.  Imagine deaf babies' life raised by parents who can't communicate with them.  That's why we raise funds for SKIHIl.org ... please make a tax deductible donation by clicking this link!


   Just look at this photo!  When your biker friends are grousing about the high humidity and heat in August, you should be cruising with temperatures inthe 70s and snow-capped mountains enthusing you!                                                

     Riding to help deaf babies --- all children need to know they are loved -- including deaf babies.   We want their parents to communicate 'I love you' to them. 

       If you wonder what the 2017 trip will look like, take a look at this 2013 TRIP SUMMARY VIDEO .... especially if you are "on the fence".  Whole trip video -- 26 minutes long.

       Unsolicted letter from a recent biker "Wow, and I thought with being a police officer for 37 years in Miami, Florida, that I had "been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt." Au contraire mon frer. Forget your riots and hurricanes, this is the real deal. I tend to ramble, so I'll get to the point: All members of our riding company have used this phrase many times until it has become stale and worn, but nevertheless, I'll say it again: "This was truly the adventure of a lifetime."  (Continued below)

      Want an adventure?   Don't let this sign to the left make you nervous ... all the way to Anchorage and/or Fairbanks you will be able to stop for gas every two hours (or around 150 miles), stretch and enjoy chatting.   What is the hurry?  

       Here is what a typical day may be like 

9 a.m.  Kickstands up (you should already have gassed up the night before)  Rationale for early starts ... get to destination before afternoon thunderstorms form.   More time for side trips.   Time to deal with problems.

4 p.m.   Arrive at destination --- gas up bike, check into your lodging

7 p.m.   Meet for dinner with other bikers (on your own)

You can be in this picture -- email photos like this to your biker friends!  Enjoy spectacular temperatures in the 60s and 70s while navigating Northwest Canada and Alaska's roads and one of North America's largest glaciers, as these 2016 bikers enjoyed!   Take a look at our 2011 notes and video!

One accommodation will be listed on the schedule ... a "middle of the road" hotel such as Hampton Inn.  With the addresses, you can easily do a Mapquest search and find other accommodations closeby if the one listed is not to your liking.  HOG and GWRRA chapters are encouraged to invite us to join their evening activities (please contact Mike Tuccelli at DrASL@aol.com). 

     Why not make a tax deductible donation to help deaf, deaf/blind or medically fragile babies?  C'mon .. click this link and you will find a few ways you can donate.  100% of donations go to SKI-HI, an early intervention group.


    Continued from the police officer from above ...  "Oh, don't get me wrong.  This trip certainly wasn't all sunshine, lollipops, and roses.   And, it is definitely not for the faint-hearted or the novice rider.  You will be challenged in many ways and must be able to keep up.  There will be days that you think will never end and all you keeping thinking of as your grinding out the miles are a hot shower and a warm bed.   Maybe not even dinner.  But,  there will be those days that will be truly magnificent weatherwise and even more so scenery-wise and those few bad days will fade.   Salmon Glacier, Mount Robson in Jasper National Park, bison, bear and moose right up to the side of the road by Muncho Lake, great little "mom and pop" restaurants and hotels, curvy, twisty mountain roads and so on.  In any case, spectacular or not quite so spectacular, each and every hour of each and every day you will be making memories to last your lifetime. 
      I tell Mike that this group of 16 that I rode with was special.  We did have a chemistry.  That's not to say there wasn't the rare personality clash.  But when you put together 16 strong-willed adventurous types that's bound to happen.  We helped each other when necessary and laughed with and at each other when it wasn't.  And poor defenseless (Not!) Jenny. How she put up with the antics of 15 guys (albeit all harmless) I'll never know.   I'm sure that every group Mike puts together thinks they were special and head and shoulders above all others that have made this trip.  With apologies to all previous groups, in my mind it was this group.  15 very special people and me.  So, if you're thinking about this trip and you're up to it healthwise, spirit wise, and experience wise, do it.   By all means, do it.  I'm already thinking about 2011.  And to quote Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, "loonies, and toonies, and liters, Oh My!"  That's an inside joke.  But make the trip and you'll figure it out soon enough.  Regards to all, Russ Kubik"

Hi ... I'm Mike Tuccelli and I would like to invite you to join us in 2020 on an adventure ... North to Alaska!!!    The above photo is one of the several stunning scenes you will see (this is Salmon Glacier next to Hyder, Alaska

Put yourself first put more life in your years!  You've worked hard ... you've done this, done that ... so have millions of others.  Join the elite few who actually make their dreams come true.  Take off some time in July 2020 and join us!   This is a picture of bears fishing for salmon next to Hyder. 
   We won't be going directly to Hyder but for many of us, this would be a great destination on the way home as you can drop down into the States around Montana and enjoy more motorcycle roads out West!

  My 97-year-old Dad who rode his motorcycle daily said it is not the years in your life ... it is the LIFE in your years! C'mon and join us! 

 Spectacular rainbows, vibrant waterfalls, wild animals!  Come and experience Alaska with a group of bikers!  For your information, the temperature during this July 2008 day was just 74 degrees and it was very muggy in the mid 90s in the lower 48 states!

You can read what were live updates in "2004-2012" button at the upper left of this page.  

We will drive on the original Alaska Highway and cross this wooden bridge!

The trip planned in 2020 will be a long one -- almost 10,000 miles!  For instance, once you arrive in Fairbanks, you can drive to Denali and Anchorage and Homer and Valdez.  At Denali, you can take the shuttle into the park to spot glaciers and bears, and gaze up at Mount McKinley. The more you see and do in Alaska, the more you will want to join us every year. 

What to do?  If you drive south of Anchorage, you will see Turnagain Arm and it's heart-grabbing scenery with Russian Orthodox villages. If you want to stay around Fairbanks, go about 100 miles east and find Chena Hot Springs and its enormous boulders which surround a big, steamy outdoor pool. If you want serious bragging rights AND you have a bike designed for dirt/gravel roads (or you can rent one in Fairbanks or rent a car or take a van tour), take the Dalton Highway North to Deadhorse.  Try Dalton for 20 miles.  If you are still game, keep going about three hours and you will reach the Arctic Circle (the above picture shows me on my '02 Silver Wing on my 14,000-mile Key West/Maine/Arctic Circle/Mexico trip).  Keep going and you will reach the Beaufort Sea and outbrag even the Alaska Highway crowd.  Biker wannabes do events such as Sturgis, Daytona Beach, etc. but serious bikers will do this!  Darryl Petrack made it to Deadhorse on his Baby Wing in 2007!  You can see a link for his photos so you can admire his determination and excitement!  Do read the 2007 updates, though and feel his excitement and determination in his detailed notes.

This 2020 adventure will leave St. Augustine, FL  July 4, 2020.  You can also join us at any of the overnight stops to Alaska.     

  When you join up with us, you will find out who is going where after we arrive in Fairbanks.  As this is three years in the future, as you shoot me your email, I can add you to a group email list and we can all share our return route ideas.  Based on the past several years, I can see you forming two or three cohesive groups to ride back home with.

   Most of our previous trips have had several 500+ mile days with some actually 700 miles.  This was planned specifically for people who have full-time jobs and can't take off too much time with us arriving in Alaska after just six days from Florida.
    This trip will require at least a week and a half just to get to Alaska.  You can join us at any point in the trip and leave at any time.  Some bikers have ridden with us for as few as six days.  Others have stayed on the road for more than five weeks.

      You will see one of the largest glaciers in North American spread out as far as you can see from horizon to horizon.

The 2020 trip can take you to the Arctic Circle via Fairbanks with a return trip option to take in the Northwest Territories. I will need to fine tune the itinerary in Alaska so we can arrive in Fairbanks in time to take an optional 3-day side trip via van and airplane to Prudhoe Bay and Barrow (of course, if your bike is capable, you can drive up to Prudhoe Bay or rent a gravel ready bike in Fairbanks).

You are absolutely encouraged to take side trips ... for example, in 2009, Paul Glunt and Wayne Cox drove up together to Prudhoe Bay on a "side tour".  Another biker took an airplane ride over the tallest mountain in North America.  Another took a bush mail flight to a remote Eskimo village way up in North Alaska.

    This is a great chance for avid bikers to get their spouses involved in their love of long distance biking!  Imagine leisurely days through America's and Canada's most scenic topography!  Eat the Dash Bistro, "The Bus", and Temptation Bakery!  Imagine your spouse telling you that he/she understands your love of Alaska trips!  Imagine your dream no longer and be involved and make this happen. Shoot an email to DrASL@aol.com if you plan to tag along.
        Basically, I am picking out destinations about 300-400 miles apart and list a "headquarter lodging".

      With at least 9 stops to Alaska, at 2016 prices, it could be something like $1200 for lodging if you share rooms or cost even more (of course you are on your own for food).

    Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.  This is a trip of a lifetime so have plenty of financial reserves so you can enjoy great meals, be prepared for emergencies such as a busted chain, blown fuel pumps, flat tires (a tow can be $1,000), a belt drive shattered by a renegade gravel piece, etc.   Because the riding season up NorthWest is short, service departments are often booked weeks ahead and parts can take a week or more to arrive ... so be prepared (and have a good sense of humor).

Basically, this proposed 2020 trip offers:

1.  Reasonable average daily miles --  300-400 miles (with possiblysome 450 and some 500 days especially in Saskatchewan and Alberta)

2.  Just one hotel will be listed and of course, you can use Mapquest search features to find a nearby place to your liking.

As bikers indicate their interest in coming along for this proposed 2020 event, I will be giving you their emails so we all can email back and forth in group emails … you can let us know which hotel you reserved at and most likely other bikers will reserve rooms there also.

You will be able to arrange room-mates (if you desire) from the bikers on the email list that will be sent to you after registration.