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Greetings from Montgomery, Alabama. I'm Donald Matheson but everyone calls me Matt. Like George stated this is my first long trip on a motorcycle and to Alaska. Call it a bucket list item or mid life, whatever the reason I feel a need to do this with enthusiasm!

I had thought about doing this solo until I found a YouTube video about the ride and group. I'm married with 8 grown kids and 6 grandchildren. I am a avid Alabama football fan, but not one for the stupid fighting and surging stuff. I'll leave that on the field between the men playing! lol

I ride a 2012 heritage softy deluxe. However for the trip it will look more like a road king.

I'm retiring from the Air Force this June and work as a federal civil service. I plan on getting to Arctic Circle sign then coming back through Sturgis.

I'm up for just about anything to see. I want to make this a ride for the ages.

I'm starting a grass cutting thing on the side, why? Just love to cut grass!

I plan on starting in the keys so I'll be coming from there to meet up in St Augustine. I will try an post a picture of me and the bike. Feel free to drop me a line or two. Keep the rubber on the roads folks, God bless!