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My Bio is very funny....i use to ride a motorcycle til when i was 27 yrs old.  Anyway i migrated to USA from Brazil and in 2015 i took my car to the BMW  dealer(750 L.I) to do the oil change...anyway while waiting for the oil change i went to see few bikes in the showroom...that was it! 

One black safire bmw R1200RT was flirting me...and i flirted back....lol...i bought the bike and said to the sales person that last time i rode a bike i was 27 yrs old and now I am 53yrs old anyway the guy said what is your plans with it?  Local travels?

I said ... Alaska!  Alaska!

He said don't be crazy and irresponsible because this trip is no easy!

Anyway i was so lucky to find a guy in the internet and i don't know if you guys know or heard something about him....but for me he was my compass, my guide and my angel! Yes i am talking about Mr Mike Tucelli!

This year will be the 4th consecutive year doing NY-Alaska-NY

Sorry for my english writing guys!

Mike thanks always!

Ricardo Carlini