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My name is Howard Nudi & 57 years old. Been riding motorcycles since I was about 7 years old. Currently ride a 2016 Yamaha Super Tenere ES. Bought this bike new in July 2017 & then sold my 2013 FJR1300.   Myself, on my second career with Duke Energy since 2006. Live in the Charlotte, NC area. I am a retired Naval Officer (Submarines) after 24 years active service. Retired from the USN in 2005. I am originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area. Married with 3 children - all grown & out of the nest - & also have 4 grandkids... One child under roof with 4 legs - our yellow lab Marigold.

 Plan to hook up with the group in the Deals Gap area.

 Planning to room with Joe Peek on this list. Also working on a couple more riders not on this list to join as well. They have expressed interest.

 As far as routes, etc.. - I still need to research. This will be my first trip to Alaska, so will also rely heavily on the experience of others that have done this for recommendations. So more to follow on this topic for me...

 Couple pics of me & my S10...