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7-Day Circle Tour

Day 1 -- Anchorage ... visit Anchorage museum, hike Flattop, visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center, explore Eagle River Nature Center  Go to M.A.'s Gourmet Dogs 4th and G ... and try the reindeer sausage!

Day 2 -- Head out the Glenn Highway to the Parks Highway to Denali Park.  Stop at Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Headquarters, the Museum of Alaska Transportation and the Alaska Veterans Memorial/POW-MIA Rest Area at Milepost A 147.1

Day 3 -- Camp at Riley Creek (reservedenali.com), take the shuttle bus to the sled dog demonstration, ride through the park, or take a hike.  

Days 4-5 -- en route to Fairbanks, stop at 49th State Brewing Co. in Healy and see "Into The Wild" movie  bus.  In Fairbanks, try River's Edge Resort and Pioneer Park.  Take the Riverboat Discovery cruise.

Day 6 -- Head southeast down the Richardson-Alaska Highway to North Pole, continue to Delta Junction.  Overnight in Delta Junction or continue south on Alaska Route 4 and enjoy the Alaska Range views.  There are several state park campgrounds.   Try the Glennallen (Caribou Inn).

Day 7 -- from Glennallen to Anchorage is a National Scenic Byway.   See Matanuska Glacier State Recreation Area, walk on the glacier with Glacier Access at Glacier Park.  Make sure you stop for lunch at Sheep Creek Lodge (Mile 113.5 Glenn Highway) or dine in Palmer.

You could consider from Glennallen (day 6) going to Kennocott/McCarthy .. this is spectacular!!!!

Food!   Of course, "The Bus" in Hyder ... I would stay away from King Edward Hotel dining room in Stewart, BC as their "King Crab Leg Dinner" is way overhyped and expensive.  Go to the bakeries on the street instead.

If you are in Healy, Alaska, try 49th State Brewing Company.

Coldfoot North of Arctic Circle .. Coldfood Camp Trucker's Cafe!

Fairbanks .. go to The Pump House .. a fine dining establishment

Kenai .. go to Veronica's Coffee House .. a bit off the beaten path but they have perfect latte, homemade soups, quiches and hearty sandwiches.