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     This "grand enchilada trip" will take the group on the entire Alaska Highway in its full grandeur with a side trip to the Northwest Territories.       

     Past bikers can still register and will not count against the 12 biker cap.  My rationale for this is that they are the "lowest maintenance" type of folks and most likely will help me with making the first timers feel welcome.
     As with previous trips, bikers can choose to ride with the group, split into smaller groups, or ride solo.   A suggested starting time and point will be given with a suggested evening meeting dinner.   Most likely, the entire group will stay together until we reach Tok, Alaska ... after which we split up, with some going to Anchorage and its scenic peninsula and others going to Fairbank and points North, including the Arctic Circle and possibly Prudhoe Bay.
      There is a formal schedule, with a suggested lodging for each night.  The rationale for listing fuel stops is to reduce fuel range anxiety, let our friends know where to meet us if they want to say hi en route, and also if bikers get separated from the group due to traffic, construction, etc. they know where to catch up with us. 
      It is strongly encouraged that lodging reservations be made immediately and then making rooming arragements if wanted.  Unused rooms should be held until April so if previous bikers sign up later, you can let them take over your unneeded rooms.
    As of January 27, 2015 I've inserted some of the bikers' planned route.  We've been emailing back and forth dozens of times each week.

Bikers registered for 2015 include:

1.  Mike Tuccelli from St. Augustine (Elkton), Florida  (returning biker)

2.  Stephen Evans from Lake City, Florida

3.  Lyle Doverspike from Pennsylvania (returning biker)

4.  Carl Haas from Kentucky  (returning biker)

5.  Donald McCain from Nolensville, Tennessee

6.  Neville Joffe from Ontario

7.  Roger Behrens from Florida

8.  Larry J. Moseley from Elgin, Texas

9.  Jon Abbey from Ashburn, Virginia

10.  Ronald McCain from Glencoe, Missouri

11.  Brendan McLeod from Tulsa, Oklahoma

12.  Terence Bloch from Toronto, Ontario

13.  Robert Stevens from Dunnellon Florida (returning biker)

14.  Robert Stevens II from Dunnellon, Florida

15 - 16.  Ken Metcalf and wife from Bonita Springs, Florida

17.  Paul Glunt from Bremerton, Washington (returning biker)