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Brian Revels
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Tuccelli Mike
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Only 10 bikes will be allowed to register!   Some of the reasons for limiting this to ten bikes are that in past years, larger groups caused major time delays at one-pump gas stations up Northwest and seating problems in restaurants, causing one or two hour delays in trips.   Group chemistry seems to be better with smaller groups, too.

1.  Michael Tuccelli from St. Augustine, Florida

2.  Mark S. Evans from Plano, Texas

3.  Victor Mendez from Houston, Texas

4.  Mark and Annette Heymann  from Metairie, Louisiana

5.   Joseph Badiak from Briddgewater, New Jersey

6.   Todd Blume from Madisonville, Kentucky

7.   Cindy Stafford from Florence, South Carolina

8.   Ken Stafford from Florence, South Carolina