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                              Ride Organizer

I'm Mike Tuccelli, formerly on the faculty at the University of Florida. I taught the world's most exciting foreign language, American Sign Language. I'm profoundly deaf since birth but have OK speech (at age five I still couldn't speak but thanks to my mom with high expectations and excellent speech therapists) and I use American Sign Language with enthusiasm. After being against cochlear implants for 25 years, I decided to get one back in 2006 and I love it as I finally can hear a cat's purr, my wife's beautiful laugh (and unfortunately, the computer's fan).

You can contact me thru DrASL@aol.com or call me at (904) 826-3484 (answering machine) or write to me at:  4492 Golf Ridge Drive, Elkton, FL  32033

You don't have to be deaf to join and you don't have to know sign languageMost of the riders are regular folks who love adventure, want to help deaf babies, and want to put more years in their life! 

I've been riding since age 14 (I'm 65 now) and have had Kawasaki 1000, a Pacific Coast, two Gold Wings, a Helix (41,000 miles) a Silver Wing (had 133,000 miles when a lucky guy in New York bought it and it still runs terrific), various Honda 50ccs, 150ccs, 350 ccs, 750 Hondamatic, etc.

My weekly commute to work and church was 750 miles and my '05 Gold Wing currently has 244,000 miles.  If I could get 133,000 miles on my '02 Silver Wing, imagine what the Gold Wing will do!

My dad in California lived to be almost 98 (see picture at bottom) and he rode his 1985 Honda 250 Elite daily (in Dec 2009 he bought a 2010 model!). He had a 1934 Indian 4-cylinder motorcycle, the largest in the world at that time! To be like my dad, I am determined to do this Alaska Bike Run yearly until I am 100! I want to start this small so did this by myself in '02, '03 and '04 (no one joined me until 2005!  Patrtick Henry joined me in '05 and you got to see his website

What I like to do with these annual Florida/Alaska trips is to (1) give riders a chance to explore Alaska with a group; (2) be available for news conferences and/or presentations at various stops so parents of deaf children will know they have hope and help (did you know Helen Keller said that being deaf was worse than being blind?); (3) to keep lots of life in my years; (4) to help SKIHI in their wonderful mission to give parents of deaf and blind babies motivation, guidance, and resources.

As I work on this website, you will be able to see exact starting times, locations, etc. Bikers registering will be given listing of camp grounds, motels, etc. at each location.

Bikers can ride as little as one day or for the entire trip. There will be incentives such as ride pins, t shirts, etc. Check this web page often as it should be complete with sponsor forms ... you can get people to sponsor you at so many cents per mile. 100% of the sponsor pledges will go to SKI HI Institute to benefit deaf and/or blind children and their families.

We can leave the starting point each day in groups ... perhaps all the Harleys, BMWs and the Gold Wings in one group, the mid-sized bikes in another group, etc. This way, the Reflex or Helix scooter groups can do a leisurely 55 MPH and arrive at each day's end point at a comfortable time.

You, of course, can sleep in and catch up with us at the end of the day.  The choice is up to you.

Here is my Dad!  I stopped by his home in southern California during the 2007 run.  First time, I visited him was in 2001 on a Helix -- yes, a 249 cc motor!, then in 2003 on a Silver Wing.