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Product Endorsement

The World’s Longest Group Motorcycle Benefit Run will take place during the 11th Annual Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Benefit Run beginning July 28, 2012.

The past three year, 44 bikers, including several retired law enforcement officers, raised thousands of dollars to benefit deaf and/or blind babies by selecting SKI-HI as its beneficiary.  SKI-HI is a non-profit organization, the only one of its kind in the world that provides hope and a plan of action to parents of deaf babies throughout the United States and Canada, with outreach programs in other countries in the world.

Past rides have ranged from 8,000 to 14,000 miles, taking in Key West, Florida to New Brunswick, Canada, then to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, down to Mexico and back to Florida.  Bikers are sponsored by their families, friends, and business associates from 1/10 cent per mile upwards to $10 per mile, with 100% of the funds sent to SKI-HI (see www.SKIHI.org).  

Would you like to have a product endorsed (insurance company, motorcycle parts, etc.) or have your company’s logo displayed on the commemorative t-shirts along with a link on the website?

Only one product of its type will be endorsed (i.e., one insurance company, one motorcycle accessory supplier, etc.) with the sponsorship beginning at $1,000.  The endorsing company will provide its logo which will be placed on the lead bike during the event and on t shirts and on the webite along with a web link.

Here is what your sponsorship will be used for:  1.  Each biker raising at least $1,000 of mileage sponsors will be given an lodging allowance which will be determined by the funds available divided by the number of bikers and pro-rated to the number of nights lodging is needed.  Most bikers will share a low-cost hotel room at approximately $35 per biker per night.   2.  Dinner at the Bitter Creek Cafe in Stewart BC/Hyder AK to celebrate the trip's primary destination.   3.  The t shirts for the bikers. 

Direct in-kind donations are also accepted (such as the Ride-On Tire Sealant which has been generous with us for the past five years), with your logo (which you provide) being on the t-shirts.  These donations will be used as incentives for the bikers raising certain amount of funds and you will be responsible for drop shipping these items to the selected bikers.

You can check www.AlaskaBikeRun.com or www.DrSign.com websites for more information.  Contact Dr. Michael Tuccelli, ride organizer, at DrASL@aol.com or write him at 4492 Golf Ridge Drive, Elkton, FL  32022