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     July 4, 2020 -- I am planning a three-week trip to Alaska.  The days will be shorter rides and hopefully each day will be a destination all by itself.   For example, Day 1 can be staying at Deals Gap and the Tail of the Dragon.   Later, the Iron Pony in Columbus, Ohio.   A nice scenic ride on the shores of Lake Erie, then the next day the north coast of Lake Superior and a stop in Thunder Bay, Ontario.
    Hopefully I will fine tune the schedule to be complete by July, 2019 so you can begin making your reservations. 
    We can then take four days on the Alaska Highway and do lots of sightseeing.   On to Fairbanks -- use University of Alaska dormitories as a base to explore the region.  One thought I had was to take a van excursion to Prudhoe Bay, stay overnight, take a flight to Barrow, stay overnight, then fly back to Fairbanks. 
   Going South to Anchorage, stop at Denali National Park.   Apparently they limit the number of visitors that can go in ... that's why I need to make reservations a year in advance so we need everyone who wants to go jump on board.   Going South to Anchorage, there are lots of places to visit .. Homer Spit, Sitska, Valdez, the farther west highway in North America, etc.
    After this, you are on your own to stay longer, take your bucket list route home, take the ferry to Washington, etc.

     Want an adventure and put exciting years back in your life?  Shoot me an email to DrASL@aol.com with your name, address, and a brief bio.

     Due to past experience causing other bikers discomfort and inconvenience, please do not join us if:

1.  You can't read a map and find your destinations independently. Please do not think you can get away with following someone because you WILL be separated due to traffic lights, road construction delays and other things.  

2.  You are a high maintenance person.  There are other tours costing several thousand dollars for these types of folks where they will be glad to plan every minute of your trip (and even they will say there is no red carpet treatment available North of Fairbanks!)

3.  You aren't able to handle minor mechanical problems on your own or aren't able to contact a service facility. (However, many of the bikers are extremely friendly and helpful if you do have problems.  It is not like we don't care but don't keep asking a friendly biker to adjust your chain, check your oil, check air pressure, etc.)

4.  You must be entertained.  On these trips, this loose schedule allows you to drive by yourself, in groups if you wish, etc.  When you get to your nightly destinations, you can do whatever you wish.  You can google the area and decide what to do --- take a plane over glaciers, do float-fishing, side trips, etc.  Don't ask me "What are we going to do?" when we get to our evening destinations!  Google our destinations and find out their calendar and/or events (and email us with what you find out).

5.  You don't have a towing plan ... if you have a breakdown, you should be able to call your road plan agent and get a tow.  Believe me, this happens almost every year.

6.  You get upset easily ... what is a trip without adventure?  There may be some days of rain ... there may be highway maintenance ... there may be breakdowns ...

7.   You should be flexible ... suggested rendevous times may and will change depending on bikers' moods.

8.  Again, be flexible ... maybe the biker you arranged to room with can't come or decides to go back home and you have no room-mate ... expect the worst and have enough finances to take care of your expenses.  

Want an adventure and put years in your life?

What this trip may give you:

1.  An opportunity to drive to Alaska and meet new people. 

2.  An opportunity to save costs by having a room-mate.  I will give you an email list of possible bikers  and it will be your responsibility to contact them directly for arrangements.  I am not responsible for other bikers' last-minute change of plans so be flexible with rooming. 

I am suggesting very strongly you immediately reserve rooms with two beds and THEN let other bikers know you want to share rooms and THEN you can add a room-mate or cancel your rooms and join someone else.  I am not responsible for incompatible room-mates .... this is what months and months of pre-trip emailing is supposed to do -- get to know each other well! 

3.  A schedule.

4.  An opportunity to get friends, family, business associates make a direct donation to SKIHI and give you recognition for raising funds for deaf babies and their families.  Click this for donation options.

5.  An opportunity for you to go "solo" when you feel like it.

6.  Your family and friends can click a link for live GPS tracking of the group.

I no longer make lodging reservations for everyone as I did before 2010 because (1) some bikers change their minds and go elsewhere, leaving me stuck with rooms that have to paid for; (2) some bikers have mechanical problems and are delayed by a day or two, sticking me with the cost of their rooms; (3) some bikers quit and go home early, leaving me with the unused rooms.

This trip is completely voluntary ... no registration ... no liability!